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Dorothy MarcicDr. Dorothy Marcic is a former professor at Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management and former Director of Graduate Programs in Human Resource Development.  Previously, she was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Economics-Prague, teaching MBA students and practicing managers.  During the past 25 years, Dorothy has conducted over 1000 seminars on such topics as leadership, high performance, and communication skills and done consulting for executives at Ford Motor Company, Coca-Cola Corp, AT&T Bell Labs; the Governor and Cabinet of North Dakota; the US Department of State; and Hallmark Corporation. She has worked with health care organizations in the US and Latin America and served as a faculty member in Health Administration. While in Europe, she served as advisor to the US Ambassador of the Czech Republic and was a delegate to the UN Economic and Social Develop Summit in Copenhagen.

Several years ago, Dorothy started experimenting with the arts, integrating them into her leadership training programs.  Her best-selling book RESPECT: Women and Popular Music, which traces Top 40-songs with women’s development in the 20th century, evolved into her immensely popular and long-running theater production RESPECT: The Musical Journey of Women. Both the book and the theater production have been a source of empowerment for thousands women around the world and she has started a non-profit in order to work with at-risk women and girls, to help them have smart thinking, smart behaviors, smart results.

An author of several books on management and empowerment, her latest book, "Love Lift Me Higher" features spiritual meditations, exercises and worksheets carefully designed to dramatically and positively impact a person's level of happiness

Dorothy's other websites are RespectTheMusical.com and DrDorothy.Com.

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