"I had a most exceptional healing experience as a result of reading the first page of your book. It...triggered an experience of transcendence — I have never had one before — and transformed my position in relation to some tough and long-standing issues. If this sounds extravagant, well it was extravagant. I will always connect you with this wonderful life-enlarging breakthrough. Your profound."
—A. Jane Faily, Ph.D

"Dorothy Marcic, author of Love, Lift Me Higher suggests that if a person meditates on love for 30 minutes a day, his or her ability to love and attract love will increase. Marcic also suggests that the ability to love and be happy can be richly improved when one gives up resentments, anger and grudges. Love Lift Me Higher includes guided exercises that allow the individual to examine long held beliefs that might not hold true today, and that can impede one's progression to a loving happy existence. With writings from many faith belief systems and philosophies, stories, and real life examples that support her thesis, Marcic provides all the tools one needs to become happier and more loving. I recommend this book to individuals and groups for study and practice. It lives up to its assertions."
—Sedona, A Grateful Reader

"Dorothy Marcic's book is full of wonderful quotations that lift you up to a higher plane. I attended a weekend workshop with Dr Marcic where we read and did the exercises from the book in groups. I continue to read the quotes from the book daily and review the exercises to help delete baggage and continue my upward process. I recommend the book highly but even more so recommend that you get Dr Marcic to do a workshop with your coworkers, friends, or family."
—Kathryn O'Leary

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