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Each chapter of "Love Lift Me Higher" contains a wealth of helpful and inspirational meditations, quotes, exercises, worksheets, and stories. The worksheet and exercises that follows are from the chapter "Love, Hope and Transformation" and was written by Heidi Eros, Photographer, New York. If you haven't read the story from this chapter, perhaps you'd like to go back and read it now.

Exercise: Hope vs. Hopelessness

  1. Keep a journal, or put thoughts down in a notebook, of the statements you make each day that are either hopeful or hopeless. List each statement separately and write down the entire sentence. These statements include your thoughts as well as spoken comments
  2. After one week, fill out the worksheet (below).

Questions to ask yourself

  1. Did you have more hopeful or hopeless statements?
  2. Can you see any patterns in what happened right before you made hopeful statements? Before you made hopeless comments?
  3. Were you more or less hopeful in comments to or about others?
  4. What impact did your statements make?
  5. What did you learn about yourself from this exercise?

A Sample Worksheet

Statement What preceded comment Hopeful or hopeless? Said to myself or another? What impact did statement have?

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